Have you read the publisher’s notes for authors? If not, please go read that. Once you’ve read that, if we haven’t scared you away, we’re taking submissions. We’re open to fiction for ages 3 – 103. Here are particular areas we’re interested in:
  • 3 – 6: We’re looking at a limited children’s picture book line. Knock our socks off.
  • 6 – 12: We’re looking for great stories of all sorts. We love adventure, we love epic journeys, we’re not afraid of personified animals, and we like kids having fun in their back yards.
  • 12 – 18: We’re looking for great stories, particularly in the fantasy / science fiction genres. We’ll look at some general market / literary, but probably won’t venture too far into the romantic / coming of age market. Unless, you know, they’re set in space or an ancient kingdom.
  • 18 – 103: Pretty similar to our YA desires: we want to do great books, but we probably aren’t super excited about romance, suspense / thriller, historical, or mystery.
We aim at a six week turn around on submissions. Send submissions to Please send your proposal along with your first three chapters. If you haven’t spent hours reading and researching what goes into a good proposal, well… you should probably do that. Here are some places to start: